Honest Review of Konstant Kreative’s Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Want to work with the best designers around the clock? Well, now you can. By the end of this article, you’ll know what Konstant Kreative is about, REAL example work we received from them, and some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your unlimited graphic design service.
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Table of Contents

Konstant Kreative Overview

What is Konstant Kreative?

Konstant Kreative is an unlimited graphic design service that creates videos and graphics with one purpose – conversions.

Konstant Kreative differentiates itself from other unlimited graphic design services by creating assets for you that drive sales/subscription/signups or whatever conversion you’re optimizing for.

Konstant Kreative was founded by Nick Shackelford who is well known in the media buying space and runs structured.agency, wearelucyd, geekout, and who knows what else he’s involved in.

How Konstant Kreative Works

When you sign up with Konstant Kreative you are sent to a Typeform survey where you fill in a bunch of information about how you will use their creative services. From there, simply sign in with the login credentials you set up to get started and join their slack channel where a dedicated U.S. Account Manager is dedicated to your account to help match their best designers to fulfill your requests.

Similar to other unlimited graphic design services, Konstant Kreative has a custom backend to manage all of your requests. They communicate with you via the backend platform but will integrate communication via Slack to make their account managers more easily accessible and if you use their premier services you can choose how you want communication to work.

Each request goes through your Account Manager, is assigned to a Designer, and all drafts go through a Creative Director. The Account Manager and Creative Director are there to vet quality, communicate your request to the designer, and help the Designer provide you with the best possible deliverable based on your request.

All graphic and video projects are sent over to you via a google drive or frame.io link. Once you go through revisions, your project is moved to completed and you can come back at any point and reactivate the project!

Home view of Konstant Kreative's unlimited graphic design backend

Creating A Request With Konstant Kreative

Their simple 3 step process is simple yet effective: submit a design request, give feedback and revisions, and approve & download your assets.

Step 1:
Create a Project

Name your project and select or create the brand the project is for.

Konstant Kreative Project Creation Step 1

Step 2:
Select Project Type and Platform

Konstant Kreative is focused on creating content that converts, so they mainly do video ads and image ads. Outside of this, they currently have design options for infographics, graphics or images, gifs, videos, logos, animations, or newsletters.

Once you know what type of project you are making, select the platform and creative sizes you want to be made.

Konstant Kreative Project Creation Step 2

Step 3:
Goal & Copy

In this section, you add your inspiration for your creative, any asset files, the text you want to appear in the request, and an area where you can go a little more in-depth about what you are looking for from this request.

For different design types, there are more details more specific details relative to that project (for example, the newsletter design asks very specific details related to email design).

Konstant Kreative Project Creation Step 3

Real Example Work
From Konstant Kreative

One of our clients was nice enough to allow us to use their brand for our unlimited graphic design review series.

In this series, we send the exact same prompt to the top unlimited graphic design services and show you an apples-to-apples comparison of the quality of work from each service.

Project Prompt

The White Label World Expo is a convention that takes place in the US and Europe that brings together over 15,000 attendees, 600 suppliers, and 400 speakers from around the globe under one roof. For each of these requests, we used past examples of creatives that worked for us and asked for some new iterations.

We kept our requests slightly vague so that the designers have a lot of creative freedom and we can better see how well the unlimited graphic design service is. To get a solid comparison, we had each unlimited graphic design service make a video ad, an image ad, a logo design, a landing page design, and an email template.

Video Ad

Gave some examples, asked for 15-30 seconds, include our main value props, and kept everything else vague and this is what they made!

(We muted the video so no sound plays)
Turnaround time: 12 Hours

Image Ad

Shared a few examples of ads we’ve been running for a while and asked for a new iteration.
Turnaround time: 24 Hours


We gave little direction on the logo design prompt and this is how it came out.
Turnaround time: 5 Hours

Example Logo Design from Konstant Kreative

Email Template

Sent the current emails running (super text heavy) and asked for something better and they delivered two different variations for us!
Turnaround time: 12 Hours

Two Email Template Examples from Konstant Kreative

Landing Page

Requested a conversion focused landing page based off of the homepage most traffic is sent to and this is how they redesigned it!
Turnaround time: 5 hours

How The Top Unlimited Graphic Design Services Compare

Wish you could see how these exact same requests came out from the top unlimited graphic design services? Well, now you can!

For each of these prompts, we had the exact same requests sent to No Limit Creatives, Penji, and Kimp.

How Much Konstant Kreative Costs

Want to dip your toes into the world of Konstant Kreative? Pay for a 1-time project. Want a dedicated team of video and graphic designers? Sign up and submit requests to your heart’s content. Want to experience an in-house creative team without all the hassle? Take it internal with Konstant Kreative. Wish you could completely outsource creative ideation, creative management, and make the world your oyster? They’ll make it so you don’t even have to think about it.

All monthly packages come with revisions until you’re happy and both video & graphic design.

All you have to do is pick your monthly package of services and get started with no contract and cancel anytime.

Konstant Kreative Unlimited Graphic Design Plan Pricing

Trust Us, We’re Good

This is a one time project that starts at $99 and includes:

  • 1-time project*
  • You quite literally only get one 1-time project and then you have to buy the full subscription to continue using Konstant Kreative.
  • 2-3 day turnaround
  • Unlimited revisions until you’re happy
  • Best for those who want to test the waters

The Do It Yourself

This monthly package starts at $899/month and includes:

  • Self Serve Platform
  • 2-3 day turnaround
  • Unlimited projects
  • 5 brands
  • Multiple users
  • Slack communication
  • Dedicated video & graphic design team

I’m Taking It Internal

This monthly package starts at $2,500/month and includes:

  • Dedicated Platform Manager (no more need to make the requests)
  • Drafts as quick as 30 minutes
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Brand
  • Works in your timezone
  • Ability to rotate talent as needed*
  • The feeling of an in-house team without the price

Don’t Make Me Think

This monthly package starts at $3,500/month and includes:

  • Dedicate Creative Strategist (someone to come up with creative ideas)
  • Dedicated Platform Manager (no more need to make the requests)
  • Drafts as quick as 30 minutes
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Brand
  • Works in your timezone
  • Ability to rotate talent as needed*
  • The feeling of an in-house team without the price

$3,500 Experience

As a brand or agency, you are constantly launching new ads and have to continually come up with new creative angles. We’ve reviewed a ton of unlimited graphic design services and Konstant Kreative offers two unreal services.

With a Dedicate Creative Strategist and a Dedicated Platform Manager you literally have an outsourced in-house creative team that will help you scale your brand to the next level.

Slack Channel

With the $3,500 plan you can communicate with your entire design team via your preferred channel (slack, email, phone, etc…). If you are already familiar with Slack, using their integration feels like you have an entire in-house design team at your finger tips.

You have a creative strategist you can share creative ideas with, who builds in-depth creative briefs for new projects, and you meet with weekly to go through what works and doesn’t work for your creatives.

You have a platform manager who is essentially a project manger for all your creative projects between submitting design projects, ensuring quality from the designers, and getting designs back in a timely matter.

Last, but not least, you have all the talented designers you will be working closely with on all of these projects.

Here is an example of what it looks like in the slack channel:


Onboarding Call

After you join the Slack channel (or set up your preferred communication channel) your creative strategist will reach out to schedule a 30-60 minute call.

During our 30 minute call, our Creative Strategist asked us a series of questions to understand the business model of our client, what kinds of messaging/ad angles work and don’t work, and more.

Because Konstant Kreative is focused on creative that converts (and we are running ads for leads) we took the Creative Strategist through our ad account to show him what ads and angles work and don’t work in the account.

Overall, the call was super insightful to learn more about the $3,500 service and get the Creative Strategist up to speed on where the brand stands creatively. Once the call ended, we shared all of our current image/video assets so the Creative Strategist could start building a creative brief.

Creative Brief

Here is a link to the video ad creative brief we received from our Creative Strategist:

Creative Brief

The brief is 3 pages long containing a detailed summary of the direction of the video, brand guidelines, example references, and a very detailed 7 step breakdown of how to design the ad.

12 hours after the onboarding call we received the first brief. After approving the brief, it took 12 hours to design.

Here is how the design came out!

What We Like About Konstant Kreative

Every review has a pros and cons section so let’s break down some of the pros that we found using Konstant Kreative as an agency that constantly pumps out ads, landing pages, and more.

Video & Graphic Design Included

Every service Konstant Kreative offers will include both video and graphic design, unlike other unlimited graphic design services that separate the service. Not only that, but Konstant Kreative offers design services that surpass unlimited graphic design and enter the realm of a full-fledge creative department.

Turnaround Time

Konstant Kreative states their turnaround time is 2-3 days, but in our experience with the $899 package, we received 2 designs (the video ad and the email template) in under 12 hours.

Konstant Kreative took 5 hours for a landing page design that took other unlimited graphic design services up to 4 days!

What’s even crazier is their $2,500 and $3,500 plans have designs drafted in as quick as 30 minutes!

Slack Integration

To help make their service more integrated and enjoyable, Konstant Kreative adds you to a Slack channel where you have direct access to your account manager. Once you step to the next level to their $2,500 and $3,500 packages, Konstant Kreative completely integrates into your workflow by offering direct communication in whatever communication channel you choose.

Ad Inspiration Library

Sometimes we need a little inspiration for a new ad or we see an ad and we want to make something just like it. With Konstant Kreative, there is an ad library with over 10 different industries with thousands of ads that you can get inspiration from and even click “make me this ad” to have Konstant Kreative make you that ad!

Konstant Kreative Ad Library Examples

Where We Think Konstant Kreative Can Improve

What’s a review without a few cons.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Konstant Kreative does not offer a money-back guarantee, unlike other Unlimted Graphic Design Services. Most Unlimited Graphic Design Services offer a 14-day or 30-day money-back guarantee included in all their plans. The only one that doesn’t is Kimp, but they offer a 7-day trial where you get 1 free video request and 3 free graphic requests. For Konstant Kreative, you can test their service using the $99 one-time project service. It is literally a one-time project. After the one project, you have to buy a full subscription to continue using their services. You cannot periodically buy one-time projects.

Bugs With Platform

We ran into some bugs when using their backend and frame.io where we couldn’t submit a project, couldn’t download the assets, or the buttons to request revisions or mark completed were not working.

We reached out to Konstant Kreative and they immediately resolved any of the issues we ran into as well as patching some of the bugs.

Tips & Tricks For Maximizing An Unlimited Graphic Design Service

When you use Konstant Kreative, or any other unlimited graphic design service, there are a few best practices for getting amazing results!

1. Team Training

To make sure your designs meet your quality standards, your team needs to know how to communicate your design needs.

Have a system in place that your team can use as a guide to write design requests, what to look for during revisions, and how to share creative ideas. A system in place can save you hundreds of hours of time going back and forth with your in-house team and your unlimited graphic design service.

2. Communication Is Key

Understanding the scope and estimated workload of each project is super important to successfully use an unlimited graphic design service and get your designs back on time. While Konstant Kreative is an “unlimited” graphic design service, there is a limit on the number of active requests you can have. It’s important that you make sure your most timely and important requests start first, and if they don’t, make sure to communicate urgency to your account manager.

3. Support In-House Designers

We like to think of unlimited graphic design services as something that empowers our in-house design team rather than something that would replace them.

In-house designers typically find value in unlimited graphic design services like Konstant Kreative because they can hand off more repetitive, tedious, or time-consuming design tasks.

Konstant Kreative vs The Rest!

We sent the same project request to the top unlimited graphic design services so you can see an apple-to-apples comparison of the type of designs you’ll receive. Like what you see? Dive into our in-depth review for each of them!

Konstant Kreative

No items found.

No Limit Creative

No items found.


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15% off with code: ADVERTACT15


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1st month 50% off

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