Agency Review Of Penji’s Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Read our honest review of Penji and learn: How Penji works, REAL example work delivered to us from Penji, and some of the Pros and Cons of using Penji’s unlimited graphic design service.
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Penji Overview

What is Penji?

What do Uber, Hot wheels, and King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls have in common?

They all used Penji!

Trusted by over 25,000 brands and agencies, Penji’s claim is to be the last design service you’ll ever need. With over 120+ design types in 1 subscription, you can create almost any graphic design you could possibly imagine. From website design to digital ads to caricatures, Penji has you covered for any of your graphic design needs for an affordable flat monthly rate.

The one caveat – Penji ONLY does graphic design. They are not in the business of video design… yet.

How Penji Works

Penji’s platform is one of the most intuitive and simplified services in the unlimited graphic design space. Simply create a project request, watch their AI assign the best designers for your task, and receive your requests in as little as 1-2 days.

Similar to other unlimited graphic design services, you are assigned an account manager to whom you can reach out with any questions, concerns, or requests.

When you sign up for Penji, you are immediately redirected to a quick 5-minute explainer video on how to get the most out of Penji’s services. Once you complete the video you can immediately start queuing up your design requests!

Penji's graphic for their simple three step process for their unlimited graphic design service

Project Board

Below you can see what the Penji dashboard looks like. The platform is broken down into 3 different tabs: the project board, brands, and people.

Under Projects, you can see all your active projects, all the projects in the queue, any projects on hold, and completed projects that you can reopen if you ever need to.

Under Brands, you can add all the different brands you want to make creatives for. Here you will add the brand name, industry, a description of the brand, website, and any brand guidelines/colors the designers can reference.

Under People, you can add people to the account so they can create, revise, and manage all the creative projects for Penji.

Creating A Request With Penji

Penji’s design requests are extremely intuitive to complete and take less than 5 minutes to create!

One thing we love about Penji is each design category has unique questions to make it easier for you and your designers to create the best possible design.

Step 1:
Project Title & Design Category

Name your project title something that’s easy for you to manage requests and select the design category that best matches your project needs.

There is a long list of 120+ design types that ranges from animations to app design.

Penji's Project Creation Step 1

Step 2:
Select Project Type and Platform

Penji auto-populates all the most common design dimensions for specific categories to make it easier for you to get your project launched.

If you need something they don’t have, you can select the custom dimension to create what you need!

Penji's Project Creation Step 2

Step 3:
Add Your Project Description

Under description, you want to add a clear description of what you want for your design project.

Penji’s best practices, suggest you add 3-4 ad examples you like, what you like about those examples, color preferences, any content/copy, and any additional variations with their dimensions you need (for example, you want a Facebook ad that is 1080×1080 but also want the Facebook ad in a 1080×1920 variation for story placements).

Penji's Project Creation Step 3

Step 4:
Select Project Type and Platform

Now that you have all the information a designer needs for your project, all that’s left is to select the format you would like your final deliverables in and the brand you are creating this project for!

Penji's Project Creation Step 4


Out of all the unlimited graphic design services we’ve used, Penji’s revision step is amazing. Once your first draft is ready, you can view the design draft in your design project where you can manually click around the deliverable and add notes about what you want to be changed.

No Google Drive links, no Dropbox links, no links – all of it stays within the Penji platform and your design project.

Penji's point and click revision platform

Real Example Work From Penji

Project Prompt

A client of ours allowed us to use their brand for our unlimited graphic design review series.

In this series, we submit the same design requests to the top unlimited graphic design services to show you an apples-to-apples comparison of the design work from each service.

The White Label World Expo is a convention that takes place in the US and Europe that brings together over 15,000 attendees, 600 suppliers, and 400 speakers from around the globe under one roof. Just like with every unlimited graphic design service, for each of these requests, we used past examples of creatives that worked for us and asked for some new iterations.

Our design requests were kept slightly vague so that the designers have a lot of creative freedom and we can better see how well the unlimited graphic design service is.

To get a solid comparison, we had each unlimited graphic design service make a video ad, an image ad, a logo design, a landing page design, and an email template. In Penji’s case, we did not ask for a video ad because they do not offer video services.

Image Ad

Asked for a Facebook ad with the convention’s main value props along with a few examples of Facebook ads we’ve been running and these are two variations Penji made.

Turnaround time: 19 Hours
(10 Hours first draft + 9 hours for design mistake)

Penji Facebook Ad Design for White Label Expo


Gave little to no direction on the logo and they sent us these 3 variations.
Turnaround time: 3 Days

Email Template

Current emails are heavily texted based so we asked for an email template that highlights the convention’s main value props and uses more visuals.
Turnaround time: 5 Hours

Penji Email Design for White Label Expo

Landing Page

Asked for a conversion-focused landing page that is based on the convention’s current homepage.
Turnaround time: 7 Hours

Penji Landing Page Design for White Label Expo

Compare Penji's Designs To Other Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Wish you could see how these same requests came out from the top unlimited graphic design services? Well, not you can!

For each of these prompts, we had the exact same requests sent to No Limit Creatives, Konstant Kreative, and Kimp.

See Penji's Designs vs The Rest!

How Much Penji Costs

Penji’s simple pricing is one of the more affordable unlimited graphic design services available. Looking for graphic design help for ads? Start with their Pro plan. Need designs for apps, websites, or animated graphics? Go with their most popular Team plan. Want your designers to work the same hours you do with a same-day turnaround? Get their Daytime plan.

Penji offers discounts on quarterly and yearly plans for those ready to go all in on Penji. Simply pick your monthly package of services and get started with no contract and cancel anytime!

With every monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan, you are getting:

  • Unlimited design projects
  • Unlimited Point & Click revisions
  • Brand folders
  • 1-2 Day turnaround
  • 120+ Design services (graphics only, they don’t do video)
  • Vetted designers
  • Team collaboration
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
Penji's Unlimited Graphic Design Plan Pricing


This monthly package starts at $499/month and includes:

  • Unlimited graphic design
  • Unlimited logos & branding
  • Unlimited custom illustrations
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited users


This monthly package starts at $699/month and includes:

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Unlimited web designs
  • Unlimited app designs
  • Unlimited presentations
  • Unlimited Animated Graphics


This monthly package starts at $999/month and includes:

  • Everything in Team, plus:
  • USA daytime designers
  • Same-day turnaround
  • Dedicated art director

What We Like About Penji

We can’t call it a review without some honest pros and cons from our experience using Penji’s unlimited graphic design service.

Revision Platform

We’ve used a lot of unlimited graphic design services, but Penji’s platform is the most intuitive – with No Limit Creative’s coming in at a close second. The thing Penji has over every other unlimited graphic design service is its revision platform.

No more links or communication on third-party platforms. Everything is kept at the project level within the platform to make your, and Penji’s designers’ lives, easier!

Brands Keep Track of Projects

Other unlimited graphic design services allow you to create brands for your projects, but what happens when you want to go back to an old project? For most platforms, you have to siphon through all your projects and try to find them.

With Penji, all the projects are assigned at the Brand level so you can simply select the brand and see every project you’ve created for them. From here, you can easily reactivate or download the assets without having to go into the project and find that final-final-final-design.jpg link.

Penji's Brand tab in their custom design platform

On Hold Section

Sometimes you have a project that may be put on hold or a client is taking a long time to respond with revisions. This can lead to your project queue being full of design projects that aren’t really active and are just sitting ducks taking up space from the projects that need to be done.

In Penji, you can label your project ‘On Hold’ so that it is removed from the active section and is in its own little tab. With the project ‘On Hold,’ you can better manage what projects are being worked on and what projects need follow-up.

Where We Think Penji Can Improve

We can’t do a review without some cons.

Users Are Added to All Brands

Like most unlimited graphic design services, you are able to add additional users to your Penji Dashboard to help create and manage requests. The only con about it is that person has access to everything you have access to.

If you’re looking to add clients or employees to your dashboard, you cannot restrict visibility/access at the brand or project level in Penji like you normally can with other unlimited graphic design services.

No Video Design Services

Penji only offers graphic design services. More and more unlimited graphic design services have expanded their offers to include video design services.

While there are riches in the niches, it would be awesome to see Penji expand its services into video design services with the same amazing user experience their graphic design platform offers.

Request Specific Designers

Sometimes you find a designer that just gets your brand. With most unlimited graphic design services you can request to have that specific designer on a project. However, with Penji, there isn’t a way to request a specific designer at the project level yet.

In our experience, a new designer is assigned to every new project rather than a set of designers being assigned to your account.

Get The Most Out Of Your Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Unlimited graphic design services can be amazing – so long as you use some best practices to get the most out of your subscription.

1. Processes For Your Team

If your team can effectively communicate your design needs your projects will come out significantly closer to what you are imagining.

We always recommend that people using an unlimited graphic design service have a system in place that guides their team on how to write design requests, how to go about revisions, and how to clearly communicate creative ideas.

With a system in place, you can save hundreds of hours by limiting the amount of back and forth communication and increasing your odds of getting the perfect design on the first try.

2. Communication Is Everything

Penji is an “unlimited” graphic design service as in you can create an unlimited amount of projects and they will complete as many as humanly possible within the month. It’s important to understand that certain design projects take more time than others.

If you have requests that have deadlines then you must communicate with your account manager to set a higher priority on those projects. Just like in normal relationships, communication is key!

3. In-House Design Support

Unlimited graphic design services can unlock the design scale necessary for your in-house design team to succeed rather than replace them.

Our in-house design team finds a ton of value in unlimited graphic design services like Penji because it enables them to prioritize their time on tasks that are less repetitive, tedious, or manually time-consuming design tasks.

Penji vs The Rest!

We sent the same project request to the top unlimited graphic design services so you can see an apple-to-apples comparison of the type of designs you’ll receive. Like what you see? Dive into our in-depth review for each of them!


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Konstant Kreative

No items found.

No Limit Creative

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1st month 50% off

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