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Our Motto

Rapidly failing to scale

In a media landscape where success is dependent on ad creatives, we live by the motto "rapidly failing to scale". It takes a vigilant and continuous creative data-driven strategy to win. We've done it with some of the biggest eCommerce brands and startups in the world and can do the same for you.


We've spent over $100m on ads so you don't have to

You get all of our learnings from creative hooks, account structure, targeting, customer funnels, landing pages, and pretty much every step of the buyer journey.


Why we do what we do

$18 million Series A Fundraise.
$9m in Lendtable Cash.
22x YoY Growth.

Each year $24 billion in employer 401(k) matches are left on the table, primarily because employees cannot afford to both save for the long term and pay for daily expenses. Lendtable helps employees unlock this portion of their paycheck by supplying them the funds they need to receive their full 401(k) match from their employer. With Lendtable, they no longer need to choose between saving for retirement and covering day-to-day expenses.

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From $0 to $2.4m revenue a month.
2.53 ROAS.

A popular retail food brand asked us to help them launch their new eCommerce store.
We spent the next 3-4 weeks developing, creating, and editing new content for their ads.

Our target for month 1 was generating $150k revenue at a 1.5 ROAS.
In month 1, we generated $721k in revenue at a 2.22 ROAS.

From the learnings over the first few months, we created new assets, landers, structures, upsells, tests and more that helped us scale the brand to $2,464,136 in revenue at a 2.53 ROAS.

See For Yourself
7,000 Visitors.
120% Rebook Rate.
30,000 Pre-Registrations.

Fortem International is one of the fastest-growing and most progressive exhibition organizers in the world. The While Label Expo is one of their top exhibitions that brings future & current retailers and sourcing agents under one roof. The expo focuses on sectors such as: Edibles, Beverages, Vapes, Topicals, Cosmetics, Pet Products and Pet Health, Health/ Fitness, Branding/ Advertising, Law, New Product Development, Investing, Agriculture, Regulations.

We've helped fill the convention space for 20+ Fortem events around the United States.

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What we do

Icon strategy and marketing
Paid Social

Our bread and butter: Meta, TikTok and Snapchat.

Scaling over 7 brands from $0 to 8 figures, and many others to 6 and 7 figures, we have the growth experience and strategy to take your brand to the next level.

Icon execution and production
Paid Search

We focus on Search, Shopping, and Youtube.

If you have found success with display in prospecting, please show us the way.

Icon brand identity

Paid social is nothing without amazing creative.

Whether you have an in-house design team we can strategize with or need to source content, every campaign is supported with creative data-driven strategies.


What our clients say about us

Jeremy Y.
Director of Growth
"Cam is totally unreliable, you don't want to work with him" - a client who doesn't want to lose him to anyone else"
Cat S.
The Beef Jerky Store
"We grew our eCommerce side of the business 2x year over year with Cameron and the team at Advertact. We had no idea how to get started with promoting our products, but it has been absolutely revolutionary for our business."
Milen G.
Fortem International
"Working with Advertact is one of the reasons we were able to create THE most successful conventions in the history of Fortem and have a successful launch into the United States"
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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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